Eventually, I will spend some time to flesh out these pages and actually put some content up. I initially thought I would make a tips and tricks for noobs. Afterall, I feel I just got into 3D printing myself. But there are so many other great resources out there. I need to answer the following questions:

Cool, you have a site. Why should I care and why would I go there?

…at the moment, my answer would be:

Well… because I made a model an articulated Axolotl that made the #1 download on the 30 day list of Thingiverse! I have reached 40k downloads on Printables on various models. Made, what I think is, a must have modification to the amazing Voron Design teams Voron 0.2 printer. And dragons!

For now, I just have this here as a placeholder. Links to my models can be found in the 3D Design link. Eventually, I will add photos and timelapses. Maybe link to my Printables Club, Patreon and Tip sites and see if anyone wants to provide me some encouragement to try to do something profitable. In the meantime, happy printing!

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