Most of my designs can be found @AKinferno on All marked with asterisks(*) are models I own commercial rights for. Joining my Commercial Access Club on Printables will grant you rights to sell prints of these models, as long as your subscription is active.

Original Designs

Significant remixes to other designs

Designs from friends

  • The Filter, by Nate. Love it, still using it. Can’t imaging switching, it is so convenient. Nate is a good friend. Hosting The Filter on Printables for him, because he doesn’t want to. He did a great job with it and I want to ensure it is widely available.
  • Can’t claim to know Nakozen, but I chatted with him a while and helped him test revisions of his Rocket Launcher. Aside from his popular Rocket Launcher, he makes lots of cool Card Kits.