This may become a home for all my 3D shenanigans.


  • This will be the home of my 3D printer related projects. Links, timelapses, cool products, pictures, helpful info, etc.


  • This is where I will be posting links to my 3D print designs, identifying which you can subscribe to commercial rights for, along with other 3D projects I undertake, such as Blender projects, CAD projects, etc.


  • I decided on adding this page when I purchased the original Oculus Quest. I have since purchased an Oculus Quest 2 (now Meta). I have found, since owning it, that I really only like playing rhythm games, such as Beat Saber. I also found, after figuring out recording mixed reality, it is a pain in the butt to setup and is very time consuming. I will post a video of my test, as a reward to any who took the time to flip through my site. The likelihood of more mixed reality popping up is slim. My kids would have to beg me, or I would have to be very bored.


  • Everything not covered above. Maybe I will post books I like, movie reviews… or let my kids post things they are interested in.
Welcome to AK Inferno!

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